Friday, May 20, 2011

I already want to quit...

...and I think it is a good sign.  Here is the start with some paint on the canvas.

First day block in.

tools of the trade.

I am also keeping a little notebook during the project where I take shorthand notes along the way.  Here are a few excerpts from today:

-Already want to quit, good sign

-Trying to paint differently than what feels instinctual. 

-Block-in approx. 35 min.  


  1. This looks like a great project, I look forward to looking over your shoulder.

  2. That block in looks awesome Logan!

  3. @Karen, thanks for following along! If I see you in another workshop I will be bringing this painting along with me whenever I teach to share what I am learning with my students.

    @Michelle, thanks!

  4. Great project Logan - but i love your block in, you could be done now!